junk tractor
junk tractor
Junk Cars Wanted Dead or Alive
Junk Cars Wanted Dead or Alive

Welcome to Junk Cars Wanted Dead or Alive.

 Wanted: Dead or Alive...Gas Hogs,Rustbuckets,Polluters,Wrecks,or just plain Junk Cars and Trucks. Cash Paid. Call Ron for a quote to "GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE!"

Notary,State of Ohio. (And...YES,I need  a title for the vehicle! Please do find it or aquire one before you call!)

 No wheels? Flat tires? Won't roll? No problem. Vehicles are picked up using a flat bed "rollback" type tow truck with a powerful winch.

 Stakebed truck also available to pickup loose items,palletized material, or packed gaylords.All sorts of scrap metals considered. Call with your needs!

 Serving NE Ohio for many many years with honesty and integrity. Thanks for considering me, Ron

junk vehicle removal Yep,I can make that go away too!

Just some of the local counties served: Medina,Wayne,Summit,Portage,Cuyahoga,and more! Just call! 330-603-3459

Call Ron at 330-603-3459 for service in Medina,Summit,Cuyahoga,Wayne County Areas of Ohio !

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Business Hours:

 Call 330-603-3459 between 8am to 9pm EST and we'll work out a pickup time that will work for both of us! Ron


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